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e-Health VZW/ASBL is the Belgian association promoting eCommerce and grouping members from and UNAMEC .

e-Health is active in the Belgian the Belgian pharmaceutical and medical device industry, hospitals and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

The Electronic Date Interchange (EDI) applies to all management procedures linked to the supply chain, to the order processing and the delivery of goods. Nowadays, most of the commercial documents are generated through data processing. They are printed and copied before they are sent or faxed to the customer.

On the other side, the supplier treats once again the information prior to processing. He also dispatches several documents that are, on their turn, partially or entirely processed again in order to manage the whole cycle, starting from the expression of a need up to invoicing the supplied goods.

Everybody knows that a better management of the work costs is essential to all parties involved in the commercial and logistic processes. This management is closely linked to an improvement of the methods used in data transmission between organizations, as further developed.